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SUP boards for hire

A Stand Up Paddle (or SUP) board is a large and stable board on which you stand upright and paddle forward using a long paddle. The boards are designed to glide easily through the water allowing you to cover relatively long distances with minimal effort as if you were walking on water. It is actually easier than it may look, and it is definitely worth a try.

A great way to get in touch with nature to feel its rhythm, enjoy the beauty of the lake, forest and sun with your friends, or immerse yourself in the silence of solitude on the water. It’s also a perfect workout if you choose to paddle actively.

We offer high-quality Gladiator inflatable SUP boards for hire.

The hire package includes an inflatable board, a paddle and a life vest.

There are 10 SUP boards available for hire.


  • EUR 8/hour
  • EUR 45/day (12 hours)

Wearing life vests is mandatory.

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